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Fairdo aims to help people outsource fair and affordable services, whilst empowering people to become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Here at Fairdo, we know how tricky it is to find the right person to get the job done. So we provide a secure, easy-to-use and on-demand platform, to help people connect with local or online doers, whose skills match their requirements.  From fixing a lock to building a website or even a skilled individual just looking for some extra money, we bridge the gap between both parties to make the whole process quick and simple.

Why Fairdo?

Find work in your area

No job is too big or small for Fairdo. It’s straightforward, it’s quick and you can choose from hundreds of local or online skilled Doers. Set up alerts so you are the first to know when the right job is posted. Early bird catches the work!

Doers are 100% verified

Quick access to an ocean of verified talent. Users are fully verified using the latest identity verification technology, which is both seamless and safe. You can trust in Fairdo.

Payment is held securely

All payments are made through our website and held securely until the job is considered complete by both the Doer and the Poster. Fair and simple.

How it works

Publish a Job

Create your free job listing in minutes, with a short description of your requirements and your budget. It doesn’t matter what the job is, you’ll receive offers from Doers in no time who are ready to start work.

Accept Job

Posters can make a selection based on what’s the fairest match for the job, in view of the Doer’s profile and their reviews. If the doer is happy with the job, they’ll accept and make an offer. Simple right?

Confirm schedule

With an easy to use planner, both parties can organise the job amongst themselves according to their personal availability. The right place at the right time.

Job completed

We provide the opportunity to find trustworthy, brilliant people to get the job done, and our customers have 100% satisfaction.

Payment issued

Once the job is completed and the Poster is happy, payment is released and issued into the Doer’s account. Then you’re free to leave a review for the Doer so everyone can see what an amazing job they’ve done! Happy customer, happy Doer.



With a background in mechanical engineering and aviation,
Dan has been picking up side jobs to fund his studies since his uni years. This led him to notice a gap in the gig work market for an easy to use, straight forward and equitable marketplace and he created Fairdo to help bridge that gap.


Having worked as a freelance graphic designer and a technical consultant for small start ups as well as multinational firms, Val combines her design skills and technical acumen to offer our fairdoers the best possible experience.

Our FairDoers

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Team Member
Fairdo is fun, fulfilling and exciting. We want to make a difference and encourage you to do more for yourself and for others. It’s straightforward, it’s quick and it’s affordable!, So you’ll have more time to do the things you really want to do.


Team Member
We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals. We are not only offering people an opportunity to make money, but providing a platform for a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Team Member
We run strict background checks on all doers before they can come on board to make sure they’re not only 100% verified, but that you’re 100% satisfied when the job’s done too.


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