The Easy Way to Start as a Freelancer

happy freelancer

You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the determination and, if you’ve taken the plunge and left your day job, you’ve got the time. So, with all of this in mind, how exactly do you get started as a freelancer?

Despite calling this article ‘The Easy Way to Start as a Freelancer’, the truth is…it ain’t that easy. You’ll soon discover the seductive world of procrastination (what the internet was REALLY made for). At some point you won’t get dressed all day and fall down a three hour tik-tok wormhole of cute animal videos.  

BUT when that happens (and it will happen), don’t panic. By taking some very important steps early on, you’ll overcome this and learn how to become a proper, actual professional procrastinato…I mean freelancer.

First Things First,

Before you get going, you need to focus and hone in on your skills. What is it that you’re actually good at? Can you share these skills with other people and most importantly, how can you adapt them to offer a professional service? So, you might be able to make a mean lemon drizzle cake, but unless the world goes lemon cake crazy, you’ll probably have to learn to make other cakes.

At the beginning, freelancing is about honing your skill set and maximising it – make it into a service that others can’t turn down. Gardening, plumbing, car maintenance, copywriting, photography. Whatever it is, you need to really focus on it, finetune your techniques and find a market that has a high demand for your service.

And finding those markets has never been easier.

Freelancing doesn’t have to be online only. With the Fairdo platform, your network could be within your local neighbourhood. Likewise, if you’ve got a more international market, the power of the internet means you’ll be able to find clients. Either way, communication is the key here. Ask around, research and find out exactly where your service or product is required, and exactly who it’s required by, then you can work out how much they will pay you for it too.


The big one. You need a brand identity, one that is appropriate to your market – and stands out. If you’re a freelance plumber called Gary then Gary’s Plumbing Service is fine – not the most original but it does what it says on the tin. Or if you want something different you might go Take the Plunge? Whatever the case your brand is a medium through which you will sell yourself to new clients, so you’ve got to make sure it catches the eye…or is clear and simple.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and write down new ideas for brands – it’s an important stage. And don’t rush it, if you do, you could end up with a name like ‘Passmore Gas’ a gas firm whose brand name shot straight into Huffington Post’s Top 25 Most Ridiculous Business Names Ever. Other names on the list include Bunghole Liquors and STD Contractors (seriously).

Ready for the next step?

You’ve got the skills, you’ve found the market and you’ve developed a brand. If so, then you’re ready for the next step. Go on Gary, take the plunge, get yourself set up on Fairdo and start making your time and money work for you!

*If you are a plumber named Gary, here’s a few more ideas you can use, free of charge, thank us later:

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