Do You Or Don’t You? Your First Steps To Success With Fairdo!

Well, we’ve seen unprecedented world changes so far in 2020. Who knew something else could knock Brexit off the front pages? On a serious note, we hope this post finds you well. Our lives are frantically changing before our eyes…and nothing more so than the notion of a ‘workplace’: it’s a little terrifying. But in many ways, it’s also a huge opportunity for freelancers.

The ‘Gig Economy’, has essentially been ‘Covid-proof’ since the start of the pandemic. Setting up your own work now isn’t just easier than ever due to technology and time, it’s also more essential. For many freelancers, there is no doubt the economic downturn will have been tough. But It’s an opportunity to gain financial freedom, to reassess your skills and how you want to use them. Working from home is nothing new for freelancers. However, the way we find our next job is going to be different – and more challenging. Fairdo can provide a simple and streamlined platform for you to do that.

The first step to success in the gig economy is of course establishing yourself and your skills. You all know what you’re good at (blowing big bubbles with chewing gum for me) but sometimes it’s difficult to get those skills out to the right people (any takers?).

Freelance work requires you to master your own brand in order to stand out. This means networking, it means communicating and it means taking the time to actually make professional connections. By signing up to platforms like Fairdo however, the hard work is done for you.

Let the public come to you. Fairdo is a platform for people with skills to share. Match your skills with someone who needs it, do the work and get paid a fair wage. Happy days.

‘Gigging’ online can be tricky – before you blink you could be down an internet wormhole on a different time zone creating origami designs for a randomer in Japan who speaks no English, and your Japanese ain’t up to scratch obvs  –  I mean, as cool as it sounds, it’s not ideal.

The difference with Fairdo is that the platform is designed to provide local work for local people.

Of course, our network is vast and can provide international scope too, but it’s advantageous for you to work with people closer to home, right? There’s plenty of origami lovers round the corner I’m sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Working for yourself offers huge rewards – you can manage your own time and work to your own schedule. If you don’t fancy a 9-5 job Fairdo can fix you with a gig that starts at 7 and is done at 9. The same goes for you night owls!  Take charge of your finances, take charge of your time and take charge of yourself. Be heard, be seen and get paid to do what you’re good at (again, blowing bubbles…any takers?).

In short, Fairdo empowers skilled freelancers by giving them access to a network designed for fast and fair employment – in a safe environment. Share your skills with a world that needs them more than ever before – and of course in these tough times, look after yourselves and each other.