To Loan or not to Loan? Find financial freedom with Fairdo

Looking for new ways to source money has probably led you down the garden path in the past. Banks, credit unions and even family may be able to offer you a loan in order to give you a helping hand when you need it most, but have you ever thought about how a bit of a side hustle could actually leave you financially better off in the long run?

The entire premise of Fairdo is that we make earning money fair. Why take out a loan that’s going to loom over you for the next year when you could simply wise up and use your time a little more carefully in order to generate a little extra income? 

Not only that, but when you use Fairdo, you’re helping somebody else too!

Look at it this way. You need to pay for some emergency repairs to your car, it’s going to cost you £500 and you need to find that money fast. Getting a loan means you’ll have to  work to convince the bank to lend you the money, and you’ll end up paying extra fees on that too. Loaning £500 to the cost of £580 isn’t exactly fair is it? 

WIth Fairdo however you can utilise your skills and talents to quickly promote and provide a service to someone in need. Maybe a company needs some graphics designing and you’ve got the tools to help? Or, perhaps somebody needs a hand building some furniture in their home. Use your time to make money for yourself. It’s better than getting a loan, and won’t cost you loads in excess fees either.

Would you rather spend an hour completing a tedious loan application, or spend an hour getting paid to do something you enjoy? Silly question, I know!

When you use Fairdo, you’ll receive a fair payment for whatever service you choose to provide. By agreeing a price in advance, yourself and our job posters can be totally transparent, taking the stress out of producing invoices and chasing clients for payments. 

So, next time you’re a little strapped for cash, don’t turn to the banks. Help yourself and make the most of whatever skills you have. Head to Fairdo and start making your own money work for you!